Egg Tee

Over easy tee, egg tee, whatever you want to call it – wear this shirt! Brighten every room you walk into… unless they’re not into eggs. Love

Forcemech Power Wheelchair

power wheel chair

   Forcemech Voyager R2 is Ultra Portable, 43lbs Weight & 23″x13″x30″ Folded! Folds/Unfolds in Seconds! Perfect for Airplane and Cruise Traveling Needs. Now there’s nowhere you can NOT go!   Love

Ekatoo Galaxy Ball

galaxy ball

This clear crystal decoration measures only 2.4 inch but is a definite head turner. Great for space lovers. And those that want to feel a little bit bigger. Love

Gauswheel Spirit


Premium Alternate Vehicle, Knee Support, Hydraulic Disk Brakes. This will get you where you have to go IN STYLE. Hope you don’t mind the attention! Love